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PsyGOLD is the Membership website of multi-award-winning company PsyAsia International. Since inception in 2005, a core value has been long-term client relationships, and excellence in our Psychometric Assessment and Human Resource Management training. This community and educational site exists to support those core values and offers a space for our members to grow professionally with support from us and their peers.

24/7 Virtual Lounge

Meet with other members and our current and graduate students on virtual tables (cam & mic enabled) to discuss, practice and network in Psychometrics and HRM.

Professional Development Media

Our main focus here is brief but valuable audiocasts that assist with learning and developing in psychometrics and scientific human resources. From time to time we will also publish video learning as applicable.

Psychologist Access in Lounge

Have questions answered and receive feedback on practice and plans at our Registered Psychologist’s regular Lounge attendances. This is a remarkably economical way to consult with a highly experienced Registered and Chartered Psychologist who works in both Business Psychology & Clinical Neuropsychology (2 Masters & a PhD) for a fraction of the usual consulting fee and this is the main objective of PsyGOLD.

Masterclass Webinars

From time-to-time, we arrange online Masterclasses & Workshops in Psychometrics and HR topics. Examples include “Applying Weightings Across Psychometric Test Scales” and “Objective Scoring in Interviews”. PsyGOLD members receive FREE or 50% discounted access.

Discounted One-On-One Consulting with Psychologist

PsyGOLD members enjoy remote one-on-one meetings with our Business Psychologist for the same rate as our students pay (around 1/4 of his usual fee). Meetings can be booked inside the member area.

Discount Code for Online Courses

We offer a special discount to loyal PsyGOLD members. The discount starts from your SECOND QUARTER of PAID membership at 5%, increasing by 2% every consecutive quarter that you remain a member, up to a maximum of 15%. It can be applied to any PsyAsia International online course for yourself or a friend/colleague, up to twice per full month (day 1 to final day).

Latest Professional Development Media from PsyGOLD

Recruitment Strategy & Job Adverts

This session offers a video walkthrough wherein Dr Tyler demonstrates recruitment (and selection) issues associated with a job posting website and how this impacts recruitment strategy.

Recruitment Strategy

In this first episode of our professional development media, we offer learning on how to design application forms which are actually useful from a scientific hiring perspective because they collect job relevant and verifiable data.

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