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Job Application Forms (2)

This second episode on Job Application Forms focuses on the use of behavioural questions based on job competencies as a means to improving job application forms. The issue of preparing a scoring system was also touched upon, but will be given greater focus in a later episode, so stay tuned!

Job Application Forms (1)

In this episode we start to understand how to make job application forms better by looking at the questions in many forms which lack job relevance and should not be asked. This will prepare us for the next episode where we will consider what should be asked and how the responses should be scored.

Ethics & Right Behaviour in HR Selection

In this episode Dr Tyler takes us through some ethical issues that we must be aware of in terms of how we treat candidates during the selection process. Although these issues may not be legal requirements in certain places, we still have a responsbility to consider them for the good of the candidate and the hiring organisation.

Basic Job Analysis: Interviews

Here we look at the role of job analysis in the HR Cycle and, even though job analysis is complex and typically undertaken by experts, we offer some pointers as to how you could get started with job analysis by way of interviewing current job holders and seeking evidence to support their responses.

The HR Cycle

The HR Cycle is a well known term in Human Resource Management. This video looks at the interrelatedness of aspects of HR and shows how everybody is responsible for personal and organisational success through the HR System.

Recruitment Strategy & Job Adverts

This session offers a video walkthrough wherein Dr Tyler demonstrates recruitment (and selection) issues associated with a job posting website and how this impacts recruitment strategy.

Recruitment Basics

In this first episode of our professional development media, we consider the difference between recruitment and selection, the importance of using a sensible recruitment strategy, which considers how it will later impact the selection process, and the message we send to all stakeholders based on how we recruit.